Case Study: GM Lansing

In January of 2011, GM Lansing Assembly Centers (Lansing Grand River and Lansing Delta Township) converted from an aluminum salt based paint detackifer technology to the current green based technology. Several advantages were achieved with these conversions.

  • Total sludge removed was reduced by approximately 40% while maintaining the efficiency of paint solids removal. This was achieved through reduced chemical usage compared to the old technology. An aluminum salt program requires a very large amount of solids to be added, in the form of chemicals, for the process to work.
  • CPU was reduced by an average of $1.50.
  • Performance was on par with the previous technology and produced a huge benefit in terms of odor. The green technology produced a much less pungent order, which to paint shop personnel, was the most noticeable benefit. Another process improvement was the cleanliness of the eliminator sections. The eliminator is the area under the paint booth that captures the over-sprayed paint and is a major contributor to booth air balance.

The new technology has been accepted by all facets of the manufacturing process, including Booth Cleaning, Chemical Management, Environmental, Safety and Production. We can confidently say that the plants will not revert back to the older technologies.